The purpose of NGA webinars is to share strategies and trends with educational technology leaders. At each of our webinars we will share data and trends collected from our technology resource scorecard in educational technology. We will also invite technology directors who are at the forefront of these trends to share tips and best practices with you.

Archived Webinars

  • Reporting and Analysis Tools In this webinar we will provide an overview of the NGA online assessments and the client dashboard system to view results.

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  • Educational Technology Staffing Technology Trends. In this webinar we will share research on how school districts are staffing information and technology departments in these tough budgetary times. Learn how you can compare your district compares to national, state and local staffing levels.


  • October 24, Alaska NGA Toolkit.

The Alaska Department of Education & Early Development requires that school districts in Alaska measure eighth grade and teacher technology proficiency.

Next Generation Assessments (NGA) is proud to have been chosen as the recommended tool for measuring technology proficiency in Alaska. NGA has partnered with DEED to make their tools available at a reduced state rate to all school districts in Alaska.

In this webinar you will learn about the new Alaska Ed Tech Requirements and how NGA tools can help you meet them. You will also be able to see a live demo of the online reporting and analysis tools that are included with the platform. We will also demo how technology leaders can utilize the free Tech Leader Inventory to get comparable data on hardware, infrastructure, security, staffing and technology budgets.

Archive of the Webinar

NGA Reporting and Analysis

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Web 2.0 tools in the technology planning process

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Have an information technology plan due? We can help!

NGA offers a suite of tools designed to help school districts create Information Technology Plans. Our suite includes an eighth grade student assessment, a teacher assessment, a library program assessment, a parent, community, school board survey, and a free tech leader inventory. In this webinar we will share our suite of tools and tips and strategies of how they can be used to help you with your plan.


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