Student Technology Assessments

Next Generation Assessments platform empowers states and school districts to efficiently assess, track, report-on, and improve students' technology proficiency and 21st Century Skills. Students’ technology literacy can be assessed not only in 8th grade as required by No Child Left Behind (NCLB), but also yearly thereafter to ensure that progress is made.

NGA’s student assessments measure a variety of skills aligned to ISTE Student NETS Standards, AASL Standards and 21st Century Skills standards. Individual student technology proficiency assessed giving an overall score as well as a score in the following areas:

  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Research & Information Fluency
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Decision Making
  • Technology Operations & Concepts

One-click Reporting

No matter where you are in the education ecosystem, reporting is easy. NGA's cloud-based statewide assessment platform allows for school districts and states to easily roll-up technology assessment compliance data. This ensures that the latest assessment information is always available to support compliance and grant requirements. Reporting roll-up options include:

  • Report by Standard
  • Class Reports of Individual Student Proficiency
  • Comparison and Roll-up Reports
    • Class-to-Class Reports
    • School-to- District
    • District-to-Region
    • District-to-Similar Demographics
    • District-to-State
    • State reporting options (EETT, ARRA)
  • Longitudinal Reports

Always Aligned to Standards

Student technology assessments are third-party verified to conform to the leading technology assessment standards, including: ISTE NETS, AASL, and the Partnership for 21st Century Skills. NGA's team of experts is continually improving assessments to ensure that alignment is maintained to optimize funding compliance requirements.

Every assessment undergoes a rigorous review, testing and verification process by a third-party research firm.

Easily Deploy to Thousands of Students

Getting an assessment out to students can often be a logistical nightmare. NGA’s teams has administered millions of surveys and assessments to students all over the United States. NGA’s deployment system make deploying surveys to a couple hundred or tens-of-thousands of students a breeze.

Not Just Students – 360ËšAssessments

NGA's platform evaluates student, teacher, and administrator proficiency as well as the library media program and access to technology. This ensures that a complete and holistic picture of a class, school, district or state can be easily benchmarked and individual development plans can be implemented at every level.

In addition to students, our platform includes:

  • Teachers
  • Library Media Specialists
  • Administrators
  • Technology Directors
  • Parents
  • School Board Members
  • Community Members

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