NGA’s Statewide Assessment Platform

Next Generation Assessments (NGA) empowers states and school districts to efficiently assess, track, report-on, and improve students' technology proficiency and 21st Century Skills. NGA lowers assessment administration costs, while substantially improving strategic technology planning and implementation as well as statewide reporting compliance. NGA’s platform provides states and school districts with the following capabilities:

Always Aligned Assessments

NGA's assessments are third-party verified to conform to the leading technology assessment standards, including: ISTE NETS, AASL, and the Partnership for 21st Century Skills. NGA's team of experts is continually improving assessments to ensure that alignment is maintained to optimize funding compliance requirements.

One-Click Statewide Compliance Reporting

NGA's cloud-based statewide assessment platform allows for schools districts and states to easily roll-up compliance data. This ensures that the latest assessment information is always available to support compliance requirements.

Dynamic Statewide Scorecards

NGA's assessment platform does more than just collect data. Assessment data acts as a key input to technology plan implementation tracking and comparisons or benchmarking with other schools, districts or states. This allows states and school districts to continuously improve and track progress against a strategic technology plan.

360˚ Assessments – A Complete State’s Educational Ecosystem

NGA's platform evaluates student, teacher, and administrator proficiency as well as the library media program and access to technology. This ensures that a complete and holistic picture of a class, school, district or state can be easily benchmarked and individual development plans can be implemented at every level.

Continuous Improvement – Informed Instruction

NGA's platform provides both formative and summative assessments. Formative assessments are available to help districts continuously assess and improve the use of technology for learning over time.

Research-informed Professional Development

NGA is a research company focused on using assessment data to inform statewide, school district and in-classroom improvement. NGA's tailored assessments act as a key crucial input to customized professional development for teachers. The teacher assessment is based on the TIPAK model and measures technology knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, content knowledge, digital citizenship and teacher leadership.

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