Library Media Program Assessments

Libraries play an important role in K-12 students’ technology development. The Library Media Center often acts as a hub for a school to help teach, disseminate and expose students to the latest technology. Failing to assess the Library Media Centers of a school district or state can result in little to no improvement against a strategic technology plan.

Next Generation Assessments evaluates the entire school and community ecosystem, especially Library Media Centers. NGA’s verified survey helps states and school districts determine the strength of its Library Media programs.

The Library Media Surveys are available via NGA’s web-based platform and are aligned to AASL Standards.

Multiple Reporting Options Available

  • Aggregated Results Inform the Information Technology Planning Tool
  • All Quantitive and Qualitative Raw Results
  • Benchmark and Comparison Reports
  • Longitudinal Reports

Dynamic Technology Scorecards

NGA's assessment platform does more than just collect data. Assessment data acts as a key input to technology plan implementation tracking and comparisons or benchmarking with other schools, districts or states. This allows states and school districts to continuously improve and track progress against a strategic technology plan.

360˚ Assessments – See the Full Picture

NGA's platform evaluates library media program and access to technology as well as student, teacher, and administrator technology proficiency. This ensures that a complete and holistic picture of a class, school, district or state can be easily benchmarked and individual development plans can be implemented at every level.

Research-informed Recommendations

NGA is a research company focused on using assessment data to inform statewide, school district and in-classroom improvement. NGA's tailored assessments act as a key crucial input to customized professional development for teachers. The teacher assessment is based on the TIPAK model and measures technology knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, content knowledge, digital citizenship and teacher leadership.

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